How to Make a Rustic Wooden Scrapbook / Binder

I’ve often been asked how I make the wooden binders that I use to hold my wood plans. The trick is in finding the right hinge and then coming up with a design that is useful, will last and is not ugly.

My son offered to shoot a quick video, so here is his first production effort and our video on how to make a wooden binder or scrapbook.

If you try it yourself, please upload you results so we can share them.


P.S. Here is a quick plan and parts list…

P.P.S. Here are the cut list changes for different sized rings!

1/2″ Binder Rings… Spline 1-11/16″ Insert 15/16″
1″ Binder Rings… Spline 2-1/4″ Insert 1-9/16
1.5″ Binder Rings… Spline 2-7/8″ Insert 2-1/8″
2″ Binder Rings… Spline 3-3/8″ Insert 2 5/8″


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What’s Happening with Antique Brass Clipboard clips?


At the beginning of the year, China updated it’s regulations regarding metal plating to be more inline with global practices. The result for us was the interim plating shown above. It was not consistent and nowhere near our usual plating.

After months of testing, we have the antique clips plated correctly now. Our inventories are slowly coming back up after we have filled most of the backorders.

We liked the ‘new’ finish so much, that we did a new, smaller antique clip, the H834!

Since then, a few folks have decided that they like the interim finish better for their projects. We are working with the plant to see if it can brought back for those that liked it. We’ll keep you posted!

More than 100 New Parts Added to June 2014


There are over 100 new items, so I won’t list them all – you will have to find them on the website.

We added new product lines:
Badge and Mini Clips
Chain Lid Supports
Hook Strips

We updated product lines:
Clipboard Clips
Binder Rings
Quadrant Hinges
Nylon flocking

We also added more than 30 new fasteners:
Tiny Brass #0 and #1 screws
Up to #8 in Antique Brass screws
Lots of other Brass and Nickel sizes.

There are over 100 new items, all are in stock. Let me know if there is anything else we should be looking for… for you!


Happy New Year – A Video for You

IMG_3205Here is a little video I shot and put together over the Holiday. It has scenes from Calgary shot form the air with a DJI Phantom quadcopter or on the ground through a Lense baby on a Canon T41.

Music is provided by Calgary photographers Neil Speers and Carolina P. of Alberta Portrait.

BTW – you can purchase this music version for download at

Hope you like it!

Happy New Year!

Neil Enock



A Real Stone Clipboard Will Wow Them!


It is a simple story really.  I found a piece of Slate the other day and it said to me… “I need to be a clip board”.


Well, who am I to argue?  A couple of diamond-tip wet-drilled holes later I was using our Small Italian-made L142 Chicago screws to secure the clip in place.


It is a conversation piece wherever it goes and while I don’t know where it will end up, I’d bet it will find a future someday somewhere as a restaurant menu!


New Fasteners Make for Thinner Clipboards


This article is about 2 things.

  • Making clipboards out of thinner materials.
  • How to fasten the clips to the thinner materials.

“How do fasten I clips or binder rings to 1/8″ acrylic or masonite”? One of our most asked questions!

AluminumIf you have a clip with a wide mounting area, you can use our new Aluminum Chicago Screws, also known as Screw Posts.  They come in sizes for 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4: material thicknesses. Drill a hole the size of the post, insert the screw from the front of the clip through the material and tighten.  Unlike our other Chicago Screw offerings, these sizes have an open end in the post.  They are quite reasonably priced and we are working on getting them in other finishes, although those will cost more.

[caption id="attachment_6808" align="aligncenter" width="400"]H822_L189 H822 clip with L189 screw posts[/caption]

Certain clips, like our H831, H832, H872 and H874 will not work with the Aluminum Chicago Screws as the head of the screw is too big and runs up against the sides of the clip mount.  For these you can use our new Double Cap Rivets. The Small size is listed as 1/4″ but it is compressed when applied.  I have found it ideal for the 1/8″ acrylic work.  The Medium size is listed as 5/16″ but will work with 3/16″ or 1/4″ material and the Large is listed at 1/2″, but I think 3/8″ is as thick as I would go.


Attaching the Rivets is easy, drill a hole the size of the rivet shaft. Insert the rivet in the hole, snap the cap on the end.  Set one end in the anvil and strike the other and with the setter. A Solid Rubber/Neoprene Mallet works best. You will feel the rivet bend into the cap.  Don’t go too far beyond that point with Acrylic or it may crack.

[caption id="attachment_6810" align="aligncenter" width="400"]H831 clip with T131 double Cap rivets H831 clip with T131 double Cap rivets[/caption]

In the Small size there are inexpensive plated steel rivets and a solid brass option with Nickel or Brass overplating.  I’m working on an antique rivet and a couple of other riveting solutions as well for other applications.

I will try and put a how-to video together once the rest of my fastening solutions come into stock.  I’m sure you will find it a ‘Riveting’ watch…

Yeah, it is getting late!



What’s Next? Help Choose our Next Great Hardware Items


We added almost 100 items to our hardware line last year, and are off to a good start this year with 19 released and at least than many already in the works.  (You will have to wait till they get here to see them)!

I listen to all the feedback I get and look around to see what’s happening in the world to get an idea of what to invest inventory dollars in.

Right now I’m a bit if a juncture and I’d like some feedback on which way to go. I’m looking at a couple of styles of black nickel clipboard clips or a couple of styles of antique brass binder rings.  I have small customers for both products, in box building, scrapbooking and in the display industry.  I’m kinda on the fence.

I don’t do surveys, but if you have an opinion, please comment on this post or let me know it is something you might buy if it were around.

Of course, I’m also listening if you think I’m barking up the wrong tree… ;)



Share Your Project

[caption id="attachment_6788" align="aligncenter" width="675"]DSCN1163 Cedar Stationary Box with Clipboard Dcoument Holder in Lid.[/caption]

I like to tinker in the shop and I like to show off what I’ve made. Seems I find it easiest to use our own hardware – imagine that!

If you do as well, send along a pic, (or a few), and let me know you that would like to share and whenever possible I will try post it in the ‘Projects’ section of our blog.

It may even show up in the newsletter!



‘Locking In’ Your Valentine’s Day Present

Whether you have spent a month since the holidays hiding out in the woodshop crafting away, just made a quick trip to Michaels or anything in between.  If you are giving that special someone a special box for Valentine’s day, make sure it is secured with something special.
All our heart shaped and rhinestone-encrusted locks are in stock and ready to add the finishing touch to that special project for your certain someone.
These locks are all Made-In-Italy and are beautifully finished.